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Sunday, October 7, 2018

What A Long Week/Boy That Couch Looks Good

Honey, I'm home...Where's the Bourbon?
Started off the week with a mammy and a hair do in the city by the bay. 

I am loving my new camera, more and more! Went to the Camera Shop and bought a camera bag and talked to a professional about a macro lens and a telephoto lens. From what I understood is that the manual lens from the past can be used on the digital camera body. The difference being that you will have to manually focus! Going back in with the manual lenses, that I already own, to find out if I have what it takes to adapt. In the mean time I have been shooting photos that I can paint from. The kitchen window vignette will make an intriguing watercolor.

As the season winds down I walk around the shop filling the gaps where all the summer merchandise was! Gently I ease the shop into "cozy" decor. 

Tis the season for nesting. Lots of pillows and soft throws to hunker down in. 

Wish I had it in me to have a harvest dinner with my friends. As things slow down at the shop I will find the time, something to look forward too. 

I want to put this whole display in a customer's house! Her husband's study. He may not go for the folk art chickens. But maybe, they are just another layer of the whole.  

Pink Peony with red stripes greets me at the door, when I walk into the shop. Chaotic to say the least! 

Thinking about bringing home the cushy blue and white rug to put in front of my perch so at the end of the day I can sink my toes into the plushness.  

Sold a Michael Clark barn painting this week. Wish she would have bought this one to hang with the other one, somehow it feels incomplete without it's mate. 

That sofa is looking good. Can't wait to plunk down and put my feet up, a Bulleit Manhattan in my hand. Next Saturday is Steve's birthday and VIP seats at the concert of the year!! Can't wait!

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