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Friday, January 4, 2019

What To Do Today?

So last week we started setting up the decorating studio. Steve painted the door to the upstairs "Dancing Green", I like it pretty well. He painted the walls "Dover White" which is a very effervescence white. 

He then moved on to hang the draperies that I had made, for the shop's french doors, a while back. I had to laugh, it took him three tries to hang the rod because every time we measured a curtain panel it was a different length. There are four panels, altogether, and they measure 84" to 90" long! The different lengths are because I cut these curtains on a six foot table and really had no scale to work with but the measuring tape and the weight of the fabric pulling it taut on one end. We never noticed the length difference because the panels were pooled on the floor! Even the linings differ in length. 

Oh well, we moved on, will get the pinking shears out shortly! I rolled out Dash and Albert Diamond Sprout polypropylene rugs on the floor. I am aiming for a garden room feel for the studio. When you are on a budget and you have to use what is available, instead of putting it together from scratch, you need some sort of a theme to help pull it together. 

Now to put the swatch racks in place. Very important because they are the main tool for starting custom decorating work. They have to be functional and look good at the same time. Not crazy about the titty pink lamp color. I like the cement floor lamp from the eighties, it gives the space some architectural form. 

I have brought down two woven chairs, from the house, into the space and am thinking of making chair seats and decorative pillows out of a large navy and white check to crisp up the look. So I walked away from this project for a week and today I am going up to hang swatches so I can figure out how much room I will have available to hang shelving for wallpaper books and lamp shades. Sometimes it looks better when you wait before you see it again, because being right in your face it starts to look too piecemeal. So, off to work! I will keep you posted.  

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