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Friday, August 23, 2019

A Week At The Races

My husband and I went stove shopping. We bought a 30 inch, Wolf with a gas oven. Delivered and installed in two weeks! I wanted the electric oven with the cobalt blue interior and self cleaning feature but conceded to my husband's wish of a gas oven. We did get the red knobs!

Ordered up three barn sale signs with yellow lettering on a black background with steel frames. 

Gathering "winter work" from around the county. 

When the customers come back in the spring, they have an all new look in their cottage! New rugs, sofas, chairs, porch furniture and paint colors. Fun to envision the final mix. 

Dressed in sturdy shoes and apron to go out and wrestle the garage. Moving stuff out into the new shed, (the shed is just about finished), pulling out all the furniture so I can sweep and organize. Separate what to sell this fall and what to repair and paint this winter for next summers barn sales. 

Wall paper and shower curtain with matching valances for this gals bathroom. 

All this went home for a cottage redo on South Lake Leelanau. 

I heard my husband ask if I wanted to go to the beach and I knocked him over going out the door!!

There you have it! A week at the races!

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