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Thursday, August 15, 2019

How's The Kitchen Remodel Going?

Sometimes the process of elimination can be the short cut to your next design. I want to keep the blue rug with the white flowers, oak pedestal table, four white chairs with chair pads and the pink place mats! Not a lot of elimination going on so far!

A new stove is where we'll start. Keeping the sentiment over the heart of the kitchen! I have had the yellow, enamel coffee pot for thirty five years, so it's not going anywhere. 

The pink and blue with red and creme colors, along with the fuchsia and chrome bar stools, are staying.  

The window sill is always changing. That is as far as we have gone on the kitchen redo! Coming will be a farmhouse sink and a charcoal black island with maple counter top. 

Surprise! I am now the proud owner of a sewing table! Can't wait to get it upstairs and introduce it to the other members of my sewing circle. The sewing machine, iron, scissors and rulers.

I'll be jamming this winter!!


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