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Friday, August 30, 2019

I Love Making A Cozy Bed

8. Stephen Shubel Cottage
Bedrooms are such personal spaces in your home. And talk about the elephant in the room! The bed pretty much sets the tone for the room as a whole. Treasured memories on the table side, set with photos of life's loves. 
Гортензия Hill Cottage: Шарлотта Мосс
To lay your head down in a sea of comfort, don't be embarrassed by the multitudes of pillows, sink in and rest.
Making the bed physically comforting is in the layering. A thick, cotton mattress pad to start. 
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Sheets of the softest cotton you can find, iron the pillows cases and the top of the top sheet, makes the sheeting even smoother up next to your skin. 
the adventures of tartanscot™️: "Best Picture . . . " Michael S. Smith , I think
I always use a down comforter with a very light weight duvet cover. Down pillows, at least two for each head in bed! If there are down allergies there are some good synthetics available that mimic the comfort of down. 
Make your bed everyday, turn back your bedding and plump the pillows. It feels so good to get into your freshly made bed at the end of a long day. 
White scalloped sheets with tartan plaid, love this look
Cocooned and cushioned against the elements of life, may you sleep in your nest, safe and protected from the outside world.

Have a beautiful holiday weekend!  

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