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Thursday, August 8, 2019

She Is A Creature Of Composition

My beautiful dog is getting older. He finds the most padded place to lie down and leans his back into the front door. He's getting so old that we don't even make him move out of the way, we use another door! 

What a nice and tidy job the wood fairy did. We will be warm and cozy, a little sooty, but oh well.  

When we did the last logging, here in the Holler, a row of Maple trees popped out of the forest, you know the saying, "can't see the forest for the trees". Standing on the deck looking through the window of greens.

The shed is not finished! Let's move on from this photo. 

Mophead Hydrangeas balancing large, fluffy white balls of tiny individual flowers on long skinny stems. No wonder they flop over in the rain. 

The Hostas have purple flowers as their featured bloom. The Hummingbirds are all over these stalks.  

I love my whirligigs from Alabama.
they make me chuckle when I walk past. 

This is a man's wheel barrow, must weigh seventy pounds empty.
Walking around the yard taking photos and these are the thoughts that start my day. 

Thinking of my wish list. The stove blew up this week as Steve was just about to bake a Blueberry pie that he made himself. So now the pie is in the freezer waiting for a thirty inch, freestanding gas range in stainless with an electric oven. A Wolf will do nicely. 

Really Mother Nature, such a riot! 

The Cub Cadet was a good wish come true! Look at our lawn that he carved out of the woods! Nice job!

I also have a new camera lens on my wish list. Zeiss 35mm will do nicely. A new zoom and macro too. 

How bout a bathing suit. I need a back up and may be able to get a deal because it is the end of the season for suits! (Megan Markle play on words!)

Surprise!! We have tomatoes in our garden. 

Cone flowers, Daisies and Black Eyed Susans all over the place. 

My Queen Elizabeth roses, they smell so sweet.

She is an old girl, my Peace Rose, she never lets me down, every summer she shows me her blossoms and lets me inhale her sweet scent. She is a winner and a keeper. 

This little lady is resting for a moment. 

She knows I am taking her picture!

Summer is winding down. 

Benny says, "there is nothing like summer in the Holler."

Every picture shows the many layers of thought. To tell you what I am thinking, using photos of what is in my vision, while my mind is composing my wish lists. 

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