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Friday, April 24, 2020

Mother Nature Wake Up!

Spring anticipation! I post today's blog for the audience that live south of the 45th parallel. Southern Michiganders all the way down to St. Augustine Florida and all my southerners in between. This is spring in northern Michigan. Above, are the Grape Hyacinths, if you look close you can make out a small purple, cone shape. Don't strain your eyes!  

The Lilacs are in bud. So excited when they blossom and fill the air with the sweet fragrance belonging only to Lilacs. 

Forsythia getting all yellow, come on babe, pop those yellow flowers and light up the landscape!

My favorite, Delphiniums. Delphinium blue, growing taller than you, look up and see the stalks of flowers looking down on me

This Bleeding Heart moved here from Leland twenty years ago. She had a mate but lost him last year. I look for her leaves unfurling every spring. 

Dutchman Britches. Sweet spring show of britches hanging out on the line, just like in the comics. 

The Peonies have been here, in the Holler as long as I can remember. Their struggle is real! Nine blossoms, I counted, one year! Tough growing, here, in the woods. 

Here they come! The Daffodils, through the snow and ice the yellow ruffles unfold and bring the happiness that spring foretells. 

The Parsley greened right up, amazing! 

Hyacinths and Primroses. These purple Primroses were grocery store plants that I had on the kitchen window sill one March. We were leaving for Florida so I brought them along and put them out in the heat and light of the Atlantic Ocean. When they came home from vacation  they looked gorgeous, healthy and vibrant. So I popped them in the garden and there they have been for many years. They were so winter worn that I didn't think I had anything to lose, taking them on vacation. 

Sweet Woodruff, tucked in between last fall's leaves. When they flower the smell reminds me of sheets on the line in the fresh air.

I think Mother Nature is getting out of bed!

If April showers bring May flowers! What do May flowers bring?

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