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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

No More Beach Days

It took a full year to heal the gouge in the side of the hill. 

Looks pretty good! Two European Beech trees and three Redbuds, some grass, some art, topped off with huge pots of Geraniums and Daisies. 

Looking out of my studio window. 

I transplanted two Blue Hydrangeas from the front lawn into the studio garden. Should be pretty next year.  

It is the time of the season to put the porch furniture away. 

What do you call a day that is both sunny and chilly? Not a beach day! Those days have moved south. 

Eating the last tomatoes. They had the best flavor this summer! Must have been all the rain. The tomatoes were plump and juicy. 

Some times we can cut a few roses for a Thanksgiving bouquet. 

Summer is sliding out of here quickly and fall has already started to show. Cool nights, cool days, and I am thinking of next years beach days. What a knucklehead I am! Just think, a whole season of snow pictures to come!!


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