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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

End Of My Year

I made friends with Cooper, this fall. A rescue dog with a heart as beautiful as his eyes. A stoic personality.

We took a drive to shoot some film for a song that this man had written. "In the shadow of the hill..."

As we drove over to "Lime Lake Rd".

Bittersweet is life, captured emotions in photos, soon the leaves drop from the trees. 

To see the same point of land, for sixty five years, is to say something. I have rooted into this sandy way, maybe to trod the path I have walked in lives before. 

To keep the picture, a record, of what you love

The ancient spirits of the past, reach out, to eyes that see the life that was before and will repeat again.  

My love is felt more profoundly, as I gain the age of spirituality. 

As we gaze across the land formations that have been here from the beginning. 

Revisit the paths of what is dreamt when you are young. 

Be eternally grateful for what is to come reckoning my soul.

All of life starts from the nest. 

Then fans across the reality of time.

Every corner a spiritual nurturing of lessons lived.

Until the moss grows over your bones. 

I love the exclusivity that this pandemic has offered us. A moment of time to catch up with our thoughts and our dreams.

Here is to life continued in the new year.


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