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Friday, January 22, 2021

What Came Through My Feed This Week

"Lime Lake Road". This is a story about a man named Christopher. It is his Americana take, on his life, and what got him to this stage of his artistic career. There are some very meaningful songs on this album. Will be released March 30th. Check out the interview, at About Insider, for insights into his new music.

This is good to know. Small dry wall repair! Never know when the speaker falls off the stand and crashes into the wall and makes a hole, and your dad will be home from work in four hours.


Stashed away, I have enough tatting for a pair of pillow cases. Lovely edge for an extra element of design. Time to pull it out and sew it on! My friend, Jackie, gave it to me.

Speaking of Jackie, her kitchen looks a lot like this one, shown above. She has been working on runners for the floors. I like the topiaries and the lamp on the counter! I also like that there are no tiles, as lately, everyone wants a tiled backsplash. Instead, I would put small pieces of art along the perimeter of the counter. Maybe some botanical prints with pale yellow flowers.

Working on a laundry room closet. This is pretty snug! I appreciate the vintage utility sink and wallpaper used together in this small space. It's a work of art every time you open the doors!

At this moment, in the winter wonderland of my mind, I am designing a small green house as a place to start my seeds this spring. I like how the cement block path meanders through the structure and the galvanized rain barrel at the entry. 

patty lizald

This is what I am really dreaming about in the winter wonderland of my mind!! Wishing I were at the beach.

Wear your mask, wash your hands and stay safe!  

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